Curriculum Statement


At George White Junior School we are committed to providing our children with an education that enables them to become active and engaged participants in our school life and confident, rounded young people with high aspirations as they grow and move on to high school.  We believe that George White should be a place where  children discover that they can make a contribution to the world and they learn the skills to do it.


We are an outward looking school and believe that children learn best when their curiosity is aroused and they are challenged to stretch themselves.


Our underpinning ethos of RESPECT (responsibility, empathy, safety, perseverance, enjoyment, creativity and teamwork) is woven through our provision.  Opportunities to address RESPECT areas are sought and included in planning. These can best be seen in medium term planning and include, for example opportunities for child led learning, independence, stamina and self confidence to be developed.


Key transferable skills include;
Active, hands on learning
Team work and collaboration
Leadership opportunities
Risk taking
The ability to 'magpie' knowledge and skills


We aim to provide opportunities for these skills to be developed during all lessons. Children will also be provided with visits to enhance their learning in school and to introduce them to a wider range of experiences. All children will visit our capital city and all groups will undertake a residential visit. During their time at our school children will experience a variety of outdoor learning and study environmental issues in a range of settings; school wildlife area, Mousehold Heath, the Norfolk Broads, Aylmerton Field Study Centre, and Wales.

Topics taught will have a 'hook' to capture pupil interest and a planned outcome that will enable children to demonstrate what they have learned: For example, a class book may be published, an assembly for parents and the school produced, a power point published on the school website. Half termly homework projects will be linked to topics taught.

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