Maths can be described as ‘a universal language that enables understanding of the world, is an integral part of the curriculum. Beyond the study of numbers, shapes and patterns, it also provides important tools for work in fields such as engineering, physics, architecture, medicine and business. It nurtures the development of a logical and methodical mindset, as well helping to inculcate focus and the ability to solve all manner of problems.’ Research review series: Mathematics, Ofsted 2021

Intent- What do we teach?

At George White Junior School, we believe that having a quality Maths curriculum should provide each student the essential skills needed within adulthood and is integral in our young people’s development of their understanding of the world around them.  

One of the main priorities is helping the young people develop a secure foundation of basic number skills, which can be applied within all aspects of their daily lives. Through this, all other aspects of mathematics can be built leading to a wholesome understanding of the world. We recognise the importance of creating a culture of exploration and investigation leading to lifelong problem-solving skills. Our Maths curriculum is based on the vital skills identified in the statutory National curriculum and is aimed at preparing our learners for their future education and adult life.

Implementation – How do we teach?

In George White Junior School our maths lessons follow an ‘I do, we do, you do’ approach. Interwoven with this is our belief that the use of concrete, pictorial and abstract methods enable our students to deeply understand the concepts behind mathematical operations and enable them to become successful mathematics learners.

The ‘I do’ section of the lesson is teacher led. In this time the teacher will explain the key ideas involved in the learning and model how to be successful, building on their prior learning. They will use concrete resources, pictorial methods and abstract methods where needed. The students can use the teachers modelled work throughout the lesson as a reference point. During this time, key vocabulary is directly addressed and learnt.

The ‘We do’ section involves collaborative learning and give the students their first opportunity to put into practice what has been taught. Students are encouraged during this time to discuss their learning and explore the key concepts of the lesson.

During the ‘You do’ section of the lesson, the students are given time to complete independent work and cement their learning. They can choose from a variety of activities depending on their confidence. During this, stretch challenges are also available for those students who wish to challenge themselves.

Regular and tailored intervention is used to assist those students who have struggled during the daily maths lesson and enables them to feel confident moving forward with their maths.

Our students make sustained progress during their time at George White Junior School and develop the skills that will allow them to use their secure mathematical knowledge within their daily lives. The implementation of our maths programme ensures that they are confident to apply these skills and participate in the community beyond George White Junior School.

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