At George White Junior School we strive for our children to become the best they can be and we aim to improve the life chances and outcomes of all the children we teach. As a school, we are members of PiXL (Partner’s in Excellence), this equips us with the tools to forensically analyse data and provide targeted support to help pupils achieve their potential.

PiXL follows the principle of Diagnosis, Therapy, Test, Revisit to monitor pupil’s progress. All year groups complete a PiXL assessment in Maths, Reading and Grammar at different points throughout the year. Teachers then complete a Question Level Analysis (QLA) which identifies strengths and targets areas for each individual child. The QLA documents identify specific gaps which then inform which children would benefit from receiving additional input in the form of a therapy session. Therapy sessions aim to address specific curriculum objectives and can take the form of a whole class session or a smaller group session. 

Teachers monitor pupils progress through the use of PiXL grades, this is an ongoing process and the grades are updated on a termly basis.