School Dinners and Free School Meal Supermarket Voucher scheme

Our menu has been reduced as the children are eating in their classrooms and the food has to be portable. Each day we offer a choice of school packed lunch or Jacket potatoes (filling choice of cheese or tuna or Coleslaw). School dinners all cost £2.20 per day. Your child can order on the day, but we need to know by 9.30am each day so we can order the right food. Payment is through your Parent Mail account.


Below is the a copy of the Eats menu choices for  school packed lunches.

School Packed Lunch Menu from March 8th 2021

Free School Meals will be replaced by supermarket vouchers when the school is closed during lockdown. The company issuing the vouchers is EDENRED. Their guidance about the voucher scheme is below. January 2021